A day in the life of….

I wrote this on planes today. My evening has been as eventful. Blog post Timeline Tue 11pm. Realise due to friend and co-entrepreneur having a crisis over the date of big conference that I had to get 100 gift bags to conference creator on Friday. Not a week Friday as had thought. Design cards on... Continue Reading →


This is me.

This is me - I created a workshop for a client, I created the workbooks and recipe sheets. I ordered the bottles and jars and wrote the class notes. I delivered the information. I did that. And it was brilliant. 30 women created and went home with beautiful essential oil tools that they could use... Continue Reading →

Always Whole

I love it when the universe gives me what I need. I'm on the lookout for signs I'm on the right path. (Because what I'm looking for, I will find). Don't believe me? Start looking for pineapples. Want to make it even trickier? Golden pineapples. Then make a note or take a photo every time... Continue Reading →

Non-Tox cleaning workshops

So beautiful people, I felt inspired to create these workshops Each has limited. So email me georgia@lovelifeinspiredlife or message me in here to reserve your spot. Where:Eastleigh (Siricco Park) When: Thursday 7th Feb 8pm Price £10 and includes 2 Full Size products to make & take home. A goodie bag with vouchers and treats, light... Continue Reading →

The Ministry is interfering….

I've elected to home educate my children. They have additional needs but that is not the reason I home educate. There is a documentary on tonight about the off-loading of students from schools because they are too hard to teach. And many schools are not following their own procedures (because what they are doing is... Continue Reading →

What I do behind the scenes

So, I was told this week it looks like I'm nailing the online tech stuff. And asked HOW do I do it? After I stopped laughing as I'm barely scraping through on online, I actually considered the question. And you know what? It's not one single thing, and I have been working on it, quietly,... Continue Reading →

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