Fragrance is the new secondhand smoke.

The chemicals and fragrance that manufactures put in cleaning products is hurting our health. The smells that we associate with clean laundry and baby bath time are a ticking time bomb for our health.

Whilst we continue to buy from companies who are poisoning us, we tell them it is ok, we accept it. And it makes me especially angry when it is “green” or “environment friendly” brands. I’m adding some photos to the post of brands I’ve just checked on the ThinkDirty app – go download it, educate yourself, see how you feel about it🙏🏻

1. Let’s start with Lush. I’ve never used products from this brand, but so many people I speak to who are already trying to make positive changes to protect their health or reduce their waste (hair wash bars etc) are being duped into thinking they are buying a safe product.

2. Method. Method are another eco company, I switched all my products to a few years ago (hand wash, laundry detergent, washing up liquid, bathroom cleaner, hard floor cleaner) at an increased price.

3. Ecover. An eco company who I turned to and paid 3 x price for a safer product. Not safer.

4. Johnson & Johnson. Yep, I bathed my kids in this brand, and supermarket own version just like it. Not when they were tiny babies but definitely when they hit bubbly bath toddlerhood. And it’s not just one product going on their skin, it’s the lotion and the oil and the powder…

5. Burt’s Bee Baby. A high quality price brand – who’s ADULT products are low in the thinkdirty app, like a 1 or a 2 but the BABY ones an 8.

We are at the front of the change. We have woken up and have realised what is happening. What I have bathed my kids in and cleaned our house with. How I have impacted on their health with brands I trusted to keep us safe.

Don’t believe me? Go Google it.

Fragrance is the new secondhand smoke


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