Story behind the photo.

This is 4 years ago. And there is a story behind this photo. I was about to launch my own business and I was terrified, there are so many things you don’t know about launching a business, and slimming IS a business. In order to meet my business plan (and there is a detailed plan, a detailed and expansive plan) I had to achieve a minimum of 50 posters up in visible business locations. I had to go in, cold, to schools, drs, shops, hairdressers and every other place you could imagine. It was exhausting and terrifying. It took me away from my family and I hated every minute of it. But I believed in the mission, my world was very small and I didn’t know any different. Every “No” was fire to find the next”Yes”.

Things that are terrifying can be brilliant. I learnt to be good at it, I was effective. I had wonderful support by colleagues, we made it into something fun.

This experience has given me belief in my self, and although now I recognize I never want to do this kind of promotional activity again. In fact, in my Gallup Strength Finder 2.0 test it’s one of my most draining and counter productive activities. I know I can say I’m not aligned to it, I can choose not to do it and I know I’m not choosing fear over action.


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