The story behind the photo. Why I can’t succeed in business as a mother.

When this photo popped up it was an absolute punch to the gut.

It was taken in Dec 2014 and came a few hours after this photo was taken.

I had lost a lot of weight with a slimming organisation (9 stone) and I had decided to open my own group. This photo was my opening night. An event I had spent months building up to, promoting the hell out of it, hellbent on making it a success.

Then, the next day when I was at a meeting reviewing my business I had a call, my youngest was awaiting an ambulance, I had to get home. I dropped everything.

Then I was caught in the eye of the storm. And for the next three years I was in this eye – continually failing to build my business, and caught in the drama of motherhood.

I will say I fast tracked all the way to the top of the ranks, and achieved multiple awards. And I couldn’t understand why my business was continually on the edge of failing. I now understand I was in a business (a franchise) where there was no residual income, the same insane level of launch work every 10 weeks, so 5 times a year, partnered with a company who pitched the retained income at a level which I am now feel nauseous about, that I valued myself so low, in an industry quickly becoming out of touch with society. (At this point I will emphasize that I LOVED my members, all I ever wanted to do was help people feel better and I often succeeded in inspiring and motivating people to make healthier lifestyle choices).

But I plugged on. Until I met someone who sparked in me the idea there could be more. That I could be more.

Queue a vast amount of self development work, of which I am so much in the messy middle of it is almost laughable.

So this more. Oils, simple Essential Oils. But complicated beautiful Essential Oils. I sell oils.

I felt weird saying this last year. I felt comfortable saying I educated about Natural Health, and teaching people to reduce the toxic load in the home. These are both true but it’s taken me time to become comfortable with saying, I’m Georgia Mulliss, founder of Love Life Inspired Life and I have partnered with doTerra to sell Essential Oils.

When this photo came up it hit me because I am actively working on limiting beliefs. And when this photo came up I had a long tapping session (Google EFT) and what came up was I can’t be a successful mother and a successful businesswoman. I hate sales. I am not enough. I don’t trust myself. I have to work too hard. That is what I have seen. That is what I know to be true.

But I know there is another truth. A truth that says I can put my family first and be successful, because I am empowered I can empower others. I can honour my inner voice. I can choose joy, courage, and abundance to be my legacy.

I create anchors in my life, anchors to success, to overcome resistance, and this is one I made after the photo of my baby wired up popped up on my phone.


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