What I do behind the scenes

So, I was told this week it looks like I’m nailing the online tech stuff. And asked HOW do I do it?

After I stopped laughing as I’m barely scraping through on online, I actually considered the question. And you know what? It’s not one single thing, and I have been working on it, quietly, in the background, for over a year.

For anyone curious about the steps I’ve taken I laid them out. They are not in order!

So the tech stuff!

I got a free wordpress site (well, I paid for it as originally, before Convention I was going to run a home ed blog reviewing Amazon products for Monday, but after convention I renamed it for the business and use it for my whole life with a business slant). I’m switching to a free one now.

I got the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins about 18 months ago on Audible. I’ve probably listed to it 20 times. At least. It is brilliant.

In Jan 2017 I paid for membership to Denise Duffield-Thomas Money Bootcamp and Sacred Money Archetype. I am still doing this mindset work. Mindset is everything.

I listened to The Slight Edge and Go Pro 100 times (exaggeration, a bit). You can listen to them on the Sound Cloud app for free. The Slight Edge is incredible, and it gave a voice to what I’d seen Dan achieve in his work and physical life. And, what I wanted for myself.

I listen to Girl, Wash your face, A Lot. I first heard of Rachel Hollis from a GP who I am obsessed with called Robyn Fawcett, I first saw her at doTerra Europe convention and started semi stalking her (who am I kidding, totally followed everything she is doing!). She has done a Ted Talk, and basically done a lot of things I want to do, and it totally surprised me when she she said she has had to do a lot of self work as she appears like someone who has it all down.

I watched everything Jeff Walker has produced (he runs something called product launch formula) and it helped get me ideas about how to launch content. He’s such a beautiful soul, one of the most normal people I’ve ever seen – and watching up go live to 10k + people, amazing!

I listen to Maria Forleo podcast each week (and sometimes watch her own channel). And subscribed and read her emails. She is incredible.

I listen to Amy Porterfield podcast every week and often go through worksheets.

I listen to Alice Nicholls podcast every week. This woman is my hero. I adore her. I want to be her best friend!

I listen to Alice Abba and Tara Bliss. I subscribed to Bliss notes and listen to them regularly. A LOT! They cut through the crap of self care bullshit. They are awesome.

I’m part of a online group called Dare to Be. Emotional and Spiritual support. (This group is free). It’s interesting, and the founder Nici Gorman posts incredibly interesting questions and challenges. I definitely take more then I give from it. The founder created something called “f***bucket friday”. I adore it! Each week I get excited about what I’m going to chuck in the bucket 😂.

I’m part of an online group called Crazy Daisy an online clarity and accountability group. This group is paid. I’m investing in myself. A really useful activity we did this month was to evaluate last year, and it allowed me to let go of some things that happened last year, and accept them as incredible growth opportunities (instead of huge f***ups).

I use the free stuff Hailey from Your Content Empire produces. I’m currently using the 30 day content comeback (well, it’s more like 45 days) but I’m doing the steps.

I adore and take huge inspiration from Randy Buckley. She runs an online community called Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. Her work is exceptional.

I home ed my three kids and doing the doTerra PIPES (Prepare, Invite, Present, Enroll, Support and we are moving and renovating a house – the stuff above I do before the kids get up or as I’m doing chores x

**updated cos of spelling and broken links. So I write on my phone and it won’t be perfect 👌🏻 and that’s ok. All links should work now, yay!


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