The Ministry is interfering….

I’ve elected to home educate my children. They have additional needs but that is not the reason I home educate.

There is a documentary on tonight about the off-loading of students from schools because they are too hard to teach.

And many schools are not following their own procedures (because what they are doing is unethical, immoral).

So instead of being expelled or moved into an “appropriate” setting, they are being chucked into the pot of elective home edders.

And the Children’s Commissioner response is to make us all sign up to a register.

This was all the RAGE last year. I know a local MP who spent a significant amount of time with a home ed group understanding why so many people were deregistering (or never electing to start school in the first place).

Some (like me) saw the emotional, spiritual and physical cost of school on their children and say, No Thank You. I am OUT. Some are PUSHED out. They are out classed, out manoeuvred and put OUT of school, with no idea of what to do next and, desperately seeking support from the ELECTIVE community on what are they to do with their children?

So, as I said during one of the worst arguments of my life, with a friend which I don’t believe we will ever recover from. Don’t make your problems my problems. Do YOUR job better. Don’t require elective home education families to change our entire way of life because schools are failing. Do your job better.

My friend Polly made an excellent example today between the media (specifically from my POV The Independent and BBC) and Rita Skeeter. The Children’s Commissioner and Dolores Umbridge…

She says “somewhere lurks Voldemort who is holding the puppet strings over them all. And I feel just as desperate as Harry when he wanted to scream and tell everyone the truth and no one would listen until it was too late 😦 (kids are being off rolled by schools who have no funding and draconian rules that basically gives them no incentive to help the struggling pupils so the answer is to register us all because that is the logical conclusion- no mention of any more funding for schools which would actually help this sad situation)”.


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