Skin Sensitivities

I just wanted to share this article, and the traditional ways of treatment.

I was using exactly the methods described in this article. And now, I don’t. I use Lavender. Just easy simple (complicated beautiful) Lavender. Occasionally Lemongrass. But mostly Lavender. Which, instead of having side effects (like nausea, dizziness and constipation) , has side benefits. Like improved sleep, feeling more calm and smelling delicious. Read below, see if you recognize yourself, and if you would like to think about changing what you do, for something better.


My life before, a daily dose of Anti-Histamine, I would use both first and second generation Antihistamines (you will know them from names like Benadryl and Claritin). and applying Steroid Cream daily (multiple times a day – I had one in the car, my bag, next to my bed, the kitchen….).

I took the Antihistamines because that was what my GP recommended. I bought them over the counter. There are many side effects, and I experienced some of them.

the possible side effects of Benadryl – (from

dry mouth, nose, and throat
Some side effects that are not as common include:
loss of appetite
chest congestion
muscle weakness
hyperactivity, especially in children
Some serious side effects can include:

vision problems
trouble urinating or pain with urinating

Some of the common side effects of Claritin can include:headache
Serious side effects of Claritin can include allergic reactions. Symptoms can include:

trouble breathing or swallowing
swelling of your face, throat, tongue, lips, eyes


From a PubMed Study

And from Nutritionist, and Functional Health Expert, Alice Nicholls – Supporting Inflamed and dry skin 

“Topical steroid use causes skin to go through three phases—preatrophy, atrophy and finally tachyphylaxis. Atrophy causes a burning sensation, and further steroid use causes vasoconstriction and soothing of the burning.

When topical steroids are withdrawn, vasodilation occurs, till the vessels become more dilated than their initial diameter, and this is known as a “trampoline-like effect”. This occurs due to the effect of steroids on nitric oxide in the endothelium. Release of endothelial nitric oxide stores results in “hyperdilation” of vessels.

The pattern of corticosteroid withdrawal is as follows: A week after corticosteroids are stopped, a mild erythema occurs at the site of the original dermatitis. This flare lasts for 2 weeks ending with desquamation.

Dermatitis localised to the eyelids, face, scrotum, or perianal area often persists. A second flare usually occurs within 2 weeks. This pattern of flare and resolution repeats itself but each time smaller duration of flares and longer resolution periods. The length of the time for which steroids had been used initially determines the duration of the withdrawal phase.”

Please note that switching to a natural and healthy way of supporting eczema is going to take time. Be prepared for this withdrawal to last a month and for the repairing of the gut integrity to take longer.

I am still supporting myself in my healing. Learning about the causes of my skin sensitivities (stress and gut health for me!) and how to support my body in full healing. But now, I am able to do it with tools that empower me.


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