Always Whole

I love it when the universe gives me what I need.

I’m on the lookout for signs I’m on the right path.

(Because what I’m looking for, I will find).

Don’t believe me? Start looking for pineapples. Want to make it even trickier? Golden pineapples. Then make a note or take a photo every time you see one (or hear about one). I’m in a business growth group called the Crazy Daisy Clarity Club and it was one of the workshops last year.

There is a thought in my head about the link between manifesting and mindfulness. By merely paying attention more I will see more. I attended a vision boarding workshop last week and during a yoga practice Claire (from Wise and Gorgeous) spoke about mindfulness and how it’s more about paying attention. It was quite an extraordinary experience and I’d like to be able to listen to that talk again.

In a group I’m in, this week’s challenge is journaling on gratitude. I’ve avoided it. I know (KNOW) that active gratitude changes brain chemistry, but I’ve avoided doing the work. I’m feeling quite stuck in fear and bleakness. If I know there is an action I can take to step out of it why am I not taking that action? Ah, mindfulness and noticing it. And so, the journaling will begin. (Noticed with the help of words to this effect, are you walking the walk or talking the talk, and are you here for the right reasons). Love this woman’s work, Nici, you are a bloody blessing.

Rachael’s Reiki Healing and Beyond posted this photo earlier. And it really struck a chord within me. I fear sometimes that I am not who I think or believe I am (how can I be a loving mother and leave my children for days, how can I be a series business woman and turn my phone off for weeks). The answer is, of course, I can put my family first AND be successful (I talk about it in this post Why I can’t succeed in business as a mother).

I listened to a podcast from Alice Nicholls yesterday and she was talking about fixed mindset v growth mindset.

I have a growth mindset, I also occasionally get bogged down in the yucky brown of the fixed thought (I’ll never, I can’t, I’m not…. Enough (add in your own adjective, clever, thin, smart, experienced, pretty, mature).

But because I do have a growth mindset I work out how to overcome that thought. Because these are thoughts, not facts.

I’m wholly me, especially when I’m working on my growth.


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