This is me.

This is me

– I created a workshop for a client, I created the workbooks and recipe sheets. I ordered the bottles and jars and wrote the class notes. I delivered the information.

I did that.

And it was brilliant.

30 women created and went home with beautiful essential oil tools that they could use to take care of themselves.

And this – this is only a tiny bit of what I do. And I love, love LOVE it.

I love talking with a person 1:1 – diving deep into how I can help them step up to be the CEO of their own health.

I love teaching from the floor in a lounge room, surrounded by women who don’t know me, but after an hour will have shared some of their deepest worries and desires and have seen there is another possibility. A natural solution.

I love giving a class online, sometimes to no one at all – sometimes to so many people the Q&A takes hours.

I love sitting with women around my dining table, as they learn how simple and easy it is to make their own all purpose spray, and carpet dust, and Pure-fume.

I love this work 💎

I love that I do it in early mornings, late evenings, and occasionally the weekend. I love that my kids have me, all of me, the best of me.


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