2019 is the year the wannabe entrepreneur goes back to making someone else’s dreams come true.

I listed to a podcast from Ange Holt this week, (well, not just one, I am doing a lot of cleaning and decluttering and I love a podcast in my ear). This is her library of podcasts

So, it was the quitting game that I first heard her talk about her forecast for this year, the end of the wannabe entrepreneur, and her reasons. And do you know what? I absolutely agree with her. I run a MLM business and I am an entrepreneur* and it is hard.

It is laying down a pipeline and creating the energy for the world you want to live in. This take self development and time and effort. It is work, it is not easy and no-one is paying me to do it.

Well, I am earning a beautiful commission from the oils that I sell. It is paying for my wellness journey for my own healing. But, I am in the season of planting seeds, not harvesting.

I absolutely adore Alice Nicholls, she absolutely nailed it when she said when she got her first Diamond paycheck it didn’t represent the value of the work she had done, that month. But, we are in the business of creating a beautiful future and I know how grateful she is for the financial freedom she has created for herself and her family.

No matter what your business is, this podcast can help you elevate YOUR business.

The wannabe entrepreneur is gong to quit because now, in 2019 we can see it is not real. Everything perfect and beautiful is a lie and so is your 100% messed up life that you are not taking any action to change. I’m not interested in it and I am not buying it.

And that is why you will quit and go back to making someone else’s dreams come true.


*don’t believe MLM and entrepreneur go together  – I don’t care what you believe.


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