You can’t buy your way up in self development

Something interesting happened today.

I’ve been attracted to, and thinking about this mindset coach. For months. And I wandered over to her website and there was a box, book a discovery call.

I didn’t. I will, but I didn’t.

Currently I am working 1:1 with 2 different practitioners, a physical and a mindset coach.

I am in a live season with Sacred Money Archetype.

I’m in a live season with Helen Paderin.

I’m in my second month of Beautiful Life Lab.

I have my most full month scheduled. With 2 trips away from home for 3+ nights each

I have 8 classes scheduled to teach.

I listen to my up-level podcasts when I fold laundry and wash up, and other mindless tasks. (Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, Tara Bliss, Alice Nicholls, Spectacular Women Business, John Maxwell).

I listen to an audiobook a week. Or re-listen, there is gold in the re-listen.

I listen to Abraham Hicks every night (the kids take the piss. They make me laugh, and, I know it’s going into them too).

I do my homework. Sometimes it takes longer then I’d like. I then practice it. It takes time to create new thoughts and actions. (or, it takes time to see the results of the change).

“Action without study is fatal. Study without action is futile.” Mary Ritter Beard.

“Now is my time and I’m ready for the next level”. Denise Duffield-Thomas.


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