A day in the life of….

I wrote this on planes today. My evening has been as eventful.

Blog post


Tue 11pm. Realise due to friend and co-entrepreneur having a crisis over the date of big conference that I had to get 100 gift bags to conference creator on Friday. Not a week Friday as had thought.

Design cards on Canva, find a same day printing place. Order

Realise I don’t have enough vials

Buy gift bags on Amazon

1:15am Pass out asleep with glasses on.

Wednesday 4:30am Woken up by Dan, he’s off to work.

Run two loads of laundry, get kids clothes ready for the day.

Drink coffee, meditate, journal.

7am, get kids up and drive to their grandparents house to drop 2 of the kids off.

8:50am arrive at Hospital for youngest follow up post operation. Get a soy mocha and banana and pecan bread.

10:50 leave hospital with M&S supersalad amd a chia seed bar.

11:15 arrive Ikea, eat salad in car, buy sheets for AirBandB

12 Arrive at Grandparents house to collect children

12:30 arrive at Wholesalers as Amazon account had an expired card and order will not arrive.

12:45 leave wholesalers with not great bags.

12:50 arrive at Home Bargains as they have bags? They do!

1pm arrive home, exhausted. Make a coffee and pack our clothes and belongings in car. Play with kids in garden with hose, it is a beautiful day.

3:20 leave to pick up printed cards

4:05 depart to drive 150 miles.

Stop to by McDonald’s. Everyone is hungry.

8:10 arrive at other Grandparents, eat dinner drop kids off. Long and emotional.

9:50 arrive at Tesco just before they shut to buy hair dye. (My hairdresser could not fit me the previous week) very sad.

10:05 arrive home, unpack car.

10:30 find out the freezer and fridge were unplugged previous week, dispose of freezer contents. Consider giving up. Set up diffuser, open windows.

11pm find correct wrenches to fix leaking pipe connectors so I can wash hair and do a load of laundry

11:30 dye hair.

11:35 start laying out materials for 100 gift bags, start a Spotify playlist, realise I don’t have Spotify in my tablet and download it. Start playing music.

Midnight, wash off hair.

12:10 continue creating gift bags, have Bergamot and Lime on the tissue paper, rosemary and peppermint in the diffuser, I will create these with love in my heart. Occasionally getting up to do some jumping jacks/wall pushups as keep falling asleep, put heating on as now freezer smell is gone but it’s cold. Hang up washing.

3:10am finish last bag and put in box

3:15 get in bed and set alarm for 7:30am

7:30am wake up. Start to pack to fly to Düsseldorf.

Realise I don’t have my handbag with car keys that have the car I’m driving to the airport. Or toothpaste, or a hairbrush. I also don’t have a case to pack what I do have.

8am eat a muffin I find in my bag that I bought for the child in Costa at the hospital yesterday. Decide to use an Ikea bag for my things

8:05 speak to my mum, is my bag there. No. Start looking for spare key.

8:15 find spare key, my mum rings, she has my handbag with key in it. Leave for airport with spare key. Move cars around first.

8:55 go to post office. Very lovely lady struggles to figure out how to send parcel. Card machine does not work. Pay a different way.

9:15 depart for airport. Traffic is abundant. A 1:55 minute journey takes 2:45 minutes. I will not be stopping on the way for toothpaste, socks, or a pair of trousers or a suitcase.

12 Noon: arrive at airport, have booked valet parking and drop car off, feel like a rockstar, have not printed boarding cards, but have booked with KLM and they happily do it for me. Realise I have no euros. Buy some at an interesting exchange rate, grateful I can.

Go through security, buy toothpaste, toxin laden minty Colgate. Hairbrush, a new bag! Water as have forgotten my new water bottle I bought and filled up with fresh water and Wild Orange especially. All food outlets have huge queues. Buy a children’s Burger King, take a Terrazyme as my tummy is feeling awful, processed nutrient poor food will do that for me! Put some Frankincense under my tongue as my anxiety is growing and thoughts of certain death are circling. Also On Guard hand sanitiser before I ate as I feel dirty.

Get on plane. It’s delayed. I have a short connection time. Oh. I put on peppermint, temple and under nose, my head is starting to hurt.

They give you free drinks and a sandwich! I LOVE KLM, it’s like I’m back in the 90’s!

Head feels good. I snooze. I’m listening to Girl Stop Apologising. Plane lands and I am told to run to gate B24. I run. I also promise myself to start running again as I might die. I get to the gate and it’s closed. I wheeze, I’m from the Bristol flight, the attendant pickers up her radio and waves me through, I run again and up the steps, the attendant is surprised, hello, how did you get here? I ran, the Bristol flight, she responds you must have! Well done! I feel like a pro athlete, who needs regular running.

Other passengers look at me weirdly as I walk the length of the plane. I have 2 seats to myself.

It occurs to me the other passengers might have looked at me weirdly as I still have a slash of hair dye across my chin, and around my hairline. Yes, booking rock solid hair appointments will be added to my calendar.

I am so happy. I’m on the second leg of my flight and everything that has needed to happen, happened.

Yes, the unloaded car is downstairs and won’t be great for Dan to come home to. And the freezer needs wiping out, and the sink has a couple of things in it. And it sucks we wasted the food in it. But I put the bins out in time for collecting! And I ran 2 classes and 2 workshops this week. I welcomed new people into my community and provided education and value to people already here. I had dinner with friends, lunch with friends, my kids were presented with their awards after a seasons commitment to a sport. I’m grateful for my nephew for keeping our rats alive. I’m grateful for my sister-in-law for housing us and our puppies. I’m grateful to our respective parents. I have an awesome housekeeper who adds such value to our lives. I had my mum mobile car valeted and it felt awesome to sit in and drive. I got to drive Dan’s Alpha to the airport and man that thing is fun!

It is now 4:19pm.

I landed, got a bus to my AirBandB. It has a Miss Piggy and a stuffed Fox in it. It’s amazing.


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