We are a part of the system.

Do you ever get surprised something is two years ago, when it feels like another lifetime and also just yesterday?

Whilst I had experienced life threatening emergencies with my other children (walking into A&E with an unconscious mottled child, with my car left outside, door open, have three members of staff start working on him immediately and some magic person take the car and deal with it), with my youngest from the day he was born the Dr recognised something wasn’t right. He has been deeply in the system ever since and it took me years to figure out how to navigate it.

In this particular case we had gone in with a plus +40 temp and it had dropped to -34. He was looked after and week of a cocktail of drugs and of IV lines he was on the mend.

I am part of the system, my children are part of the system. I am grateful and appreciative of the NHS, of western modern medicine. And, AND, it makes the fire in my belly light up to know I am doing everything I can to support our bodies, our health so we don’t go there. To give our bodies the best support, doTerra essential oils and supplements work. I wouldn’t use them if they didn’t. Do your research, work out what you think.

Today we are back in Hospital, for follow ups and scans. I of course am loving on my Balance and Serenity.


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