“I’m really proud of how far we have come

“I’m really proud of how far we have come”

This morning at (around 6am, early starts around here) I was having a debrief with @fit4fourty and he asked if I had got anything out of yesterday (I went to London for a days information and education), I said yes, but my big takeaway was how we had created the capacity for me to physically spend the day there. I had spent Tuesday evening at a sound healing evening (more on that later) and Monday night we had gone bowling with the family so we hadn’t connected since Sunday.

Two years ago I could not have imagined this. A year ago it would have been so hard. This year it’s just another part of our calendar.

Do I get to do everything I want? No, I missed out on June’s new moon circle yoga. You can bet your ass I’ve already scheduled Julys in.

People think we are mad. They don’t hold back with the criticism or negativity 🥴🤐

That’s ok 👌🏻

We have a plan 👑

We are thinking long term about family and life 💕

Is it easy? No💥

Does it require painful growth and reflection? Yes 🤦🏻‍♀️🥴

Sacrifice. Giving up something of value for the sake of something of greater value. Dan is my lighthouse to sacrifice and commitment. I am in awe of what he capable of doing.

I know I am easily swayed, my monkey brain 🧠 jumps around and says “look at this shiny thing”, “but I didn’t know about that when I said yes to this”. I can lose sight of the value in commitment, I create a mountain to climb and set myself one day to climb it.

In June I am working on this business 2 hours a day. Not 30 minutes when I feel like it. Not an hour posting on Facebook and calling it good. 2 hours of productive action.

Each week I am doing one precious thing for me, for my soul and my heart.


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