Book, books, books!

What are you reading? 📖

Or listening to? 👂🏻

Hit me with some good options- non fiction.

My summer so far has been a mix of new awesomeness and old favourites. Paper books, kindle versions and Audible

1. Wild Power . Oh my world, I’ve only just started it but I cried like a baby at the explanation of the emotional side of Ovulation. I’m only a couple of chapters in but I think this is a life changing book – for anyone of any age.

2. Girl Stop Apologising. This is so good. I have this in paperback and audio, as I adore Rachel Hollis speaking. I just started on her podcast this week (awesome one with founder of Stella & Dot – a network marketing/direct sales company- and she hated the idea of network marketing before Christmas created her model!)

3. Smart Couples Finish Rich. Wow, there are some eye openers in here. Heard about him by listening to Marie Forleo YouTube channel (it’s excellent).

4. Profit First. In the Denise Duffield-Thomas money bootcamp I’m in this gets talked about A LOT and I understand why. A real eye opener to some of the unhealthy habits business owners adapt. Hands up 👋

5. Dare to Lead – yeah, every person on my feed is giving out Brene Brown quotes (and her podcast with Russel Brand is awesome (as is her blog). But it’s freaking awesome 😎

8 Chillpreneur – this is good – lots of ‘tips on choosing yourself.

7 & 8- Mindy Kaling is awesome, it’s funny and inspiring

9 Rob Delaney. This book is awesome, raw and honest and funny.


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