Emotional First Aid for Parents of Children with a Long Term Health Condition

I just got an email with this title.

It was from the dept who care for my youngest child, they are running a course on how to look after ourselves. My son is 6 years old, we were made aware that “something ” wasn’t right when he was 1 day old.

It’s great they are doing it, I know it’s needed. I think emotional first aid is a really great description of what I’ve been creating for myself, and my family in the past 18 months. Oils work on so many levels, acknowledging my own emotional states, both current and where I want to be. On my kids, you can’t force oils on kids, they need to choose based on their own emotions – and it is both edifying and enlightening when you watch them choose oils, or oil combinations that you would never have picked, these guys know best what they need.

Part of the “emotional first aid pack”, oils, medication, journal, self care, massage, yoga, exercise (what do you find effective self care.) . You know essential oils elevate and ease all those techniques? Make them more effective and enjoyable.

I can handle what comes our way, he can handle what comes our way. On his most recent surgery the anaesthetist commented on how relaxed he was feeling and how relaxed I was. That doesn’t happen by magic. It happens through practising techniques to support the mindset we want to create, it happen because our use essential oils to support our emotional health and create the mood that I want to. To create the mood that will serve our family. DoTerra have a pyramid of health and informed self care is vital . Looking after ourselves is vital, whatever that self-care looks like for you. After all, if you are not taking care of yourself how can you look after other people to the best of your abilities?


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