Why my business is called Love Life Inspired Life

Ok, so Love Life Inspired Life – I had this name before I had the business. (In fact, Zoe asked me at the Spectacular why I was hiding behind a name).

My whole life I’ve been different. I grew up in a small seaside town in the 80s and 90s in the UK as a home ed child. I didn’t have friends or know anyone, apart from once a week I went to the library. I volunteered there from 12 as it was the only place I was allowed to go. My friends were a group of ladies in there 40’s and 50’s with what I now understand to be complex social and economic issues. I went to 6th form college on my own accord and on the first week I ate lunch in the toilets on my own. After that I’d vowed I’d get myself some friends, a job, and a life, and I did. (Wow, did I ever, it was freaking awesome).

Fast forward 20+ years and I’m at a strange point, I’ve gone through uni, and corporate life (I have 1 gcse grade C so anyone who tells you you need qualifications to go to university is lying to you (and themselves). All the special stuff in me had gone, suffocation from expectations, patriarchy, and post partum depression ), but I’m nurturing it back. I lost a lot of weight, and started a business (in weightloss), two years later I realise what a toxic soup that is. I’m ALL for being in the arena but my life, and your life is worth more then the numbers on a scale (or pants, etc).

So, I was thinking, what now? I’d read 7 habits of highly effective people (like 10 times) and out of all the genius in that book the thing that hit was the concept of a Win/Win environment. My whole life I’d been living in a win/lose mentality and I was offered the option to change. So I did. I wrote down I was going to Love Life and be Inspired by my own Life. Days after I met someone who introduced me to doTerra Essential Oils and I fell. Of course it took a year to listen to that fall, it’s Network Marketing so I had all the scam talks of my husband and family (it’s a pyramid scheme my mum called me to tell me, well, losing weight so I fit in the tiny version of perfect the patriarch have decided is a fucking scheme too.) my husband asked “are you a hippie now? That line changed when he realised Peppermint allowed him greater focus and Lavender deeper sleep 🖕🏻

Anyhow, in doTerra I found a company that believes in win win, a product that works, above and beyond, and an opportunity to create a business that I love. So I launched Love Life Inspired Life as an entity. I was so freaking scared, I thought “I dislike other Network Marketing people” I’d come in contact with (there was one summer where I was added into over 20 Jamberry Wrap Facebook groups and, at a school fair ABH was looking pretty likely to occur between a rep and her upline) I didn’t understand that the business I had WAS Network Marketing (without the long term benefits of a residual income) and that everyone is is doing Network Marketing ALL THE TIME, just not being paid (mostly).

I even practiced saying “I don’t sell oils, I connect people seeking a solution to their health needs”. Well, what a load of self serving bullshit that was! Of course I sold

Oils, the bloody best, 💯 pure, actually freaking work Essential Oils on the planet.

Despite these words, but because of the action and intention I took my launch was beautiful and successful, of course it was.

I poured myself into my business, and then, all my OTHER stuff came up. My children, who I home ed (long story, involving neorodiversity, anxiety, autism (see number one) and a realisation I could either fight the system or opt out and create my own. And their life is different to mine), my husbands, our life direction. And, a meeting with Zoe, who had seen what was possible with doTerra from NZ, had looked at my and who I was and asked me, why are you not your name?

Oh, that’s good. That’s really good. That tapped into an unconscious belief “no-one would buy from me”. So, I’m working through that (EFT all the way).

So I’m re-branding. I’m Georgia and I sell doTerra Essential Oils. I come to your house for free and teach a class on Natural Health solution (yes seriously, for free, no catch).

In my paid offerings I come to your work and run a workshop on how to make/create a solution. I teach classes on babies, kids, dogs, cats and horses.

My most popular workshop is Green Home, where people make non-toxic cleaning products. This always amuses me so much as I don’t like cleaning 😂

But, when I do clean it needs to work and not mess up my hormones.

My Facebook page is catching up, my website will be there soon.

👋 if you got this far leave me the last five emojis you used 😂❤️👍🏻🔥🤗 and I will celebrate you!

(Clearly having a strangely positive day).


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