My background and what I have learned

What haven’t I done! I bounced around a lot in my younger days, I was a junior librarian (awesome job), waited tables, bartender, factory, retail. Super fun job was working on River Cruises in France, it was 5 Star luxury for Americans and the passengers had every need met. It the first time I encountered wealth and I was like, that looks awesome, I want me some wealth! I figured I was unlikely to get wealthy cleaning toilets and pouring wine so I went to university (as a mature student, I had 1 C grade GCSC and a GNVQ, so again, anyone can get a degree if they want one).

I had a couple of awesome summers temping in

London, such, SUCH fun! Such wealth and opportunity. After uni I was lost, I’d got into debt and I didn’t feel free anymore, I got a job at Hampshire County Council to quickly pay of my credit card and overdraft and stayed there for 10 years. Leaving was the happiest day of my working life! I literally danced out! What I learned whilst I was there? People make everything, even if the work is boring or hard or stressful people make the difference, I worked with so many lovely people. I started as a technician and ended as a project manager, I like helping people, I like making a difference and I liked my job when I got to do those things. Knowing these things is a gift!

Corporate life gave me a couple of other gifts. After being sexually harassed (by different men on different occasions on different years, I genuinely hand on my heart had never had a job where I wasn’t harassed!) and on one particularly memorable occasion when I reported it to my line manager was told he had a reputation for it, to try and not be alone with him, and it was my word against him and he had seniority).

I was removed from a corporate leadership training program because “it was for people who have been here”. I’d earned my place through a blind selection, then had maternity leave so postponed it for the following year. It felt very unfair.

These are just a couple of the things that happened because I was a woman, I was frequently a servant to the patriarchy and unknowingly culpable in my own subjugation. In my quest for self improvement I embarked on a weightloss program, after losing 9 stone I thought I’ll go do this instead! (Well, I thought first I’ll start privately contracting as a project manager, I was so terrible in the interviews, so terrible, I stopped going to them, but I secretly wanted to have my own business).

So I bought a franchise, no matter what I think of it now it was a great learning environment on how to run a business, I got to work in a 95% female environment and was safe, and I got to meet and spend time with beautiful people. I really loved the buzz of what I did, I loved meeting people and seeing them blossom, discover new self confidence and skills. So many people who volunteered for me started with such low self confidence, and through training and becoming confident went on to finding paid work and new careers. I loved helping people discover the magic they had in them – it’s innate, hidden under years of yucky stuff but it’s there.

I discovered a different kind of hard work, learnt responsibility of a different kind, no-one is going to do it for me kind.

And now I run an doTerra Essential Oil business, and because this business is an MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) I will never have an employee (well, I will have an assistant eventually), but anyone who wants to build a business will be doing it for themselves. I’m a number on a system, No one can tell me what I can and cannot do. I’m in a 99% female environment and I feel safe.

Not having an employee or a boss doesn’t mean I’m on my own, far from it, I have partners. Women on their own journey for freedom. Because the oils support our emotional needs, our physical needs, our desire for a clean and non-toxic home environment we attract all kinds of women.

Yep, I learned to have great boundaries and I love creating my tribe, they love the oils and what they can do (a group of them have called themselves a special name, I adore them!)

So, I have learned, I love people, I love seeing people grow and heal and own their lives. I attract that by being a woman who loves and grows and heals and owning my life

xx Georgia


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