My Why

My Vision For The FutureMy Vision.

I spent this morning wrapping up little parcels of oils. (today for yoga teachers, and people who want to share oils with even more people!

Some are for women already in my community- over 80 now! (I’m so excited to hit 100, imagine, impacting on the lives of 100 homes and families, imagine 100 women feeling empowered over their health, imagine 100, 200, 300 children being supported in their health with natural solutions, living in homes that are healthy and free from toxic cleaners and chemicals). then imagine 3000 women, 30,000 children? I do.

I imagine it, it is part of my why. Why I turn up, show up, get up. 👑🦄🌊some of these little packages are for people who don’t yet have oils, but are curious.

Lavender for their baby who is having trouble with teething, or sleeping. Wild Orange for their child facing school stress. Peppermint for themselves, to focus and align.

I started teaching all in, in July last year.

My beautiful friend Clarissa had come to a class I’d hosted in February, when I first got my oils, she felt an instant attraction to the oils but wanted to know more.

She hosted her own class in March and wanted to get the oils for herself, I had to decide on the day if I was going to Share the oils, I said yes, upgraded my wholesale account to wellness advocate account at her house (it sounds complicated, it’s not, it a ✅ in a box). First ever enrolment!

My beautiful friend Laura was my first ever 1:1 in May, I’d invited her to my hosted class in Feb and she wasn’t interested, by May she had discovered that her pain and skin sensitivities were an allergy to a preservative in all products (from washing up liquid to shampoo to sunscreen) – so she had a need for natural solutions.

My beautiful friend Sarah hosted my first ever class in July, I had a script, it was my first ever class and firsts are not perfect, but I was amongst her friends and they showed me patience and grace whilst I stumbled and learned, because what we need to learn, we learn by doing.

These women were the first in my community, my friends for sure, but how they have taken these oils and run with them is amazing. I hear from them how they are using them, how they have solved this problem or that problem, or supported this and that, sore legs, headaches, period pains, supported sleeping, digestive problems. I feel grateful to be the one to invite them.

So my invitation to you is, would you like to know more, to experience these gifts from nature at a deeper level? Xx


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