About Us

You’ve found us! We are Georgia, Dan, Mr9, Miss7 and Mr5.


I started this blog me, mother, life guru and all round inspiration.

It’s going to be about our business, our family, what we get up to, our struggles and what we love.

The BORING STUFF. How normal are we? And, are we like you? Well, we came out of traditional UK based education in March 2017. We left Yr 3, Yr1 and a normal Nursery. We are one year in now and the beginning is still pretty fresh in my mind, I am going to do some posts about those early days. I keep a bullet journal so I have actual written proof for when it gets a bit “Memories”.

We are a family that’s quite focused on healthy living and healthy eating. Dan and I have both struggled with being overweight (I was morbidly obese in my twenties) and we want to create a different lifestyle and outlook for our family.

Our parenting style has changed a lot since we had Mr9, quite radically in the past year. Coming to the decision to leave traditional schooling accelerated that change. Once you realise that what you’ve spent several years invested in is actually mental ( Online Dictionary definition; informal. mad; insane.”I think he was a little worried that I might be mental”). You start looking at all the other stuff you do that might be mental too!

I wanted to show our journey living in a regular brick house, with a dad that works full time and a mum that runs her own business and the most normal life possible – and inspire you that YOU can do it too!




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